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What a fun night!!! Thank you Karl and Elizabeth!!!

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“Your love keeps lift’n me higher!” Thank you Matt and Alyssa!!! What a great night and a perfect setting.

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It’s a beautiful night in East Grand Rapids!

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We had fun tonight. Congrats to Spencer and Kaitlyn!

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Special guest at practice tonight.

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MAY 7, 2016
Private Event – Grand Rapids, MI

MAY 14, 2016
Wedding – Grand Rapids, MI

MAY 21, 2016
Wedding – East Grand Rapids, MI

MAY 28, 2016
Wedding – Grand Rapids, MI

JUNE 4, 2016
Wedding – Holland, MI

JULY 2, 2016
Wedding – Grand Rapids, MI

JULY 16, 2016
Wedding – Grand Rapids, MI

JULY 29, 2016
Wedding – West Olive, MI

JULY 30, 2016
Wedding – Grand Rapids, MI

AUGUST 13, 2016
Charity Event – Kentwood, MI

AUGUST 19, 2016
Middleville Concert Series – Middleville, MI

AUGUST 27, 2016
Wedding – Marshall, MI

AUGUST 20, 2016
Wedding – Sutton Bay, MI

SEPTEMBER 10, 2016
Wedding – Canadian Lakes, MI

 SEPTEMBER 17, 2016
Wedding – Chicago, IL

SEPTEMBER 30, 2016
Wedding – Grand Rapids, MI

OCTOBER 15, 2016
Wedding – Detroit, MI

OCTOBER 22, 2016
Wedding – Charlevoix, MI

NOVEMBER 5, 2016, 2016
Wedding – Grand Rapids, MI

DECEMBER 16, 2016
Christmas Event – Grand Rapids, MI

DECEMBER 17, 2016
Wedding – Southfield, MI

JANUARY 7, 2017
Wedding – Bay City, MI

JANUARY 14, 2017
JUICE BALL!  JW Marriott

JUNE 24, 2017
Wedding – Benton Harbor, MI

JULY 15, 2017
Wedding – Benton Harbor, MI

I should start with the fact that it’s been exactly one month since our wedding and I can honestly say that EVERYONE, of all ages, is still talking about how epic our band, Nine Mile Smile, was.

Jamie & Frank

Nine Mile Smile was such a huge part in making our wedding the celebration that it was! They are incredible – our dance floor was packed all night, even during their breaks when they DJ’ed music.

Chris and Whitney

9MS has an impressive song list and they offer to learn requested songs. We actually had a difficult time coming up with new songs for them to learn because they already knew so many.

Paige & Eric

OH MY GOD. These guys (and Gal) are INCREDIBLE. Musically, they’re on point. They play everything perfectly. Their voices (and not just Jordan (the local celeb and singer)) are great.

Michael & Christina

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Let’s talk about your wedding day.  It’s THE most important day of your life right?  Nine Mile Smile knows it, and we spend our practices and the time leading up to your big day making sure we do everything we possibly can to hold up our end of the deal.  

We have the same goal as you – to make sure the party does not stop! Our mission is to make sure your guests talk about how great your reception was.  We want them to say “this was the BEST reception we’ve ever been to!”

How do we do that?  Thanks for asking!

  • Nine Mile Smile plays what YOUR crowd wants to hear!  We do not play the same set every wedding.  We like to call ourselves the human jukebox  That means we tailor our set list to your audience!  Every wedding is different, every crowd is different and we are the best at switching things up on the fly!
  • On top of our vast song list, we put YOU in the drivers seat.  Nine Mile Smile will learn what you want to hear!  Shoot us an email for more information!
  • We are absolutely nerdy for logistics.  Have you planned 15 different speeches, 4 prayers, and a custom playlist for your bridal party to dance to during introductions?  No problem!  Nine Mile Smile takes over, and emcees the whole night to make sure your vision becomes reality!
  • We’ve seen it all.  We aren’t a bar band that plays weddings and corporate gigs on the side.  Nine Mile Smile is a wedding and corporate event band that takes our job VERY seriously.  We’ve seen it all, and we can help guide you as you prepare for your most precious day!
  • We travel!  Are you getting married in Chicago? Detroit? Indianapolis?  How about Northern Michigan?  It doesn’t matter where your wedding is, Nine Mile Smile get there!

Entertainment is a huge decision and we understand that you have endless options.   We are confident that when you choose us, you won’t regret it. Our reviews speak for themselves.  Our former couples really do hear “that was the best reception we’ve ever been to” and we take a TON of pride in that.



Jordan Carson

Jordan Carson

Lead Vocals

You may have seen Jordan around town covering various charitable organizations or on the hit TV show eightWest!  She joined 9MS in 2010, and her voice is soulful like Ella Fitzgerald mixed with the power of Whitney Houston.  Jordan grew up on stage, and we are lucky to have her as our “front-woman”. Plus, she helps the audience forget the other members of the band are dorky looking.

Kurtis Jay

Kurtis Jay


Kurtis is the heartbeat of the band and your contact when you book with us. He’ll work closely with you to make sure everything is perfect for your event. He’ll answer any question you have right away!  Head to the bottom of the page to send us an email!

Ken Bort

Ken Bort

Chief Sound/Lighting Engineer

Nine Mile Smile takes pride in bringing you a professional sound and light show.  With our man Bort, we bring along the best in the business.  If you get a chance, go back and watch the man work.  If you’re lucky (hot) he might even let you touch.

Mikey "Smokes" Shapiro

Mikey "Smokes" Shapiro

Lead Guitar/Vocals

He’s got chops like Hendrix, pipes like Adam Lavine, and a body like… Avril Lavigne.  Our lead guitarist “Smokes” is the real deal.   Like most lead guitar players, his equipment is the biggest and heaviest….and loudest in the band.  However, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  In a completely un-related note, he’s the only guy in the band to get boo’d on stage and called a “punk ass ginger”.  Hang in there Smokes!

Cliff "Pinky" Smith

Cliff "Pinky" Smith

Keys/Pan Flute/80's Scream (not keytar!)

9 out of 10 of his fingers do more than please the ladies. Cliff’s many years of experience make him the master of filling out our sound while filling out his favorite pair of Silver jeans…which he would like to note, “Cost more than Mikey’s car.”  He co-wrote the mega-hit “Mom’s and Birds” and toured nationally for a bit promoting it.  Now he owns a small “waste-management” business in rural Michigan.

The Pope

The Pope


“The Pope” has been melting faces, and impressing the chicks on stage for over 2 decades.  He’s our resident band psychiatrist, CFO, and Director of Motor Pool (which is a fancy way of saying he stores and tugs the trailer with his man-truck).  Pope comes from a long line of wrestling heroes. You may have seen his cousin “Balls Mahoney” dominate the Squared Circle in the ECW!




Nine Mile Smile would not be the band it is without our man, T-Boz.  He’s a musical genius, often referred to as ‘Musical Rainman’. He provides the backbone and has perfect pitch.  That means, when one of us hits a sour note, we’re met with a sour look on T-Boz’s face.  He works behind the scenes, charting tunes, to make sure we can play exactly what YOU want to hear!



Assistant to Ken Bort

If Bort decides he can’t be bothered, then we call Josh.

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